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News from Apeks Supercritical
and Ohio Grown Therapies

The move across the street is coming along nicely. As with all moves, there are unexpected hiccups, like discovering there's no internet access! However, we're fortunate to be able to make quick decisions and implement back-up plans without impacting the production line so we've installed DSL for a couple of months, then we'll switch to fiber. The only ones who'll notice are our service providers!

Left: from one end to the other - it's a long way... 

Above: the cubicle area is outfitted - just needs walls and a ceiling now!

Another surprise was a five week old kitten discovered hiding under a stack of pallets! It took the combined efforts of Alivia, Tara, John, and Eric to get him out and captured (and despite his size, he showed a remarkable turn of speed once we managed to get him out from the pallets - it would have made Usain Bolt proud). Once captured, he made a home with Nick Prystash, in sales. Below, waiting for his turn to visit to the vet.

A North Carolina operator getting into the hemp industry is now the proud owner of system #600! It will ship to him in July but today we're giving away $600 worth of merchandise from our online store! You only have a few hours left to post a photo on Instagram of you with your Apeks. Don't forget to tag your photo #apeks600 and to tag us @apekssupercritical!

The pictures say it all! Before we moved to the Commerce Blvd location, we were packed into Andy's pole barn.

In 2015, we moved to the new location - and spread out considerably in the 17,500sq ft space.

But that still wasn't enough space, so we began the expansion in 2018!

But wait! Even an additional 15,000 sq ft wasn't enough to contain us, so we're going across the street to 30,000 sq ft of space! Our new digs are at 31 Greenscape Court, Johnstown, OH 43031 and it's literally across the street.

Since 2014, the Central Ohio Smart 50 Awards recognize the top executives of the 50 smartest companies in the Central Ohio region for their ability to effectively build and lead successful organizations. In 2017 Andy Joseph was recognized, and again in 2019!

We pride ourselves on our excellent service and our customers are taking notice! We offer an impressive 70+ point inspection service plans for all our systems and this ensures your system keeps running year after year. Our service techs have traveled to all corners of the earth to train customers and service systems.

Our team consists of Lane Mosher (above), below from left to right: Tracey Carpenter, service manager, and service engineers, Ben Westbrook and Alivia Didion.

Need a service call or want to purchase a service plan? Contact us!

Have you seen our webinars lately? More than 2,500 other people have! Last month, Nick Prystash and Andy Joseph had a Q&A about common manufacturer claims and what questions customers should ask to determine the legitimacy of the claims. This month the two of them discuss understanding extraction rates and how to get the most out of your extraction system. Click here to sign up. 

Sign up for our channel and you'll be notified about upcoming webinars - they should all be broadcast around the end of each month.

NCIA's Midwest Cannabis Caucus series is going to be in our backyard on June 25th and we're sponsoring! We'd love to see you there - sign up by clicking the image below.


The OGT dispensary is getting closer to completion! We popped over to see it and take photos this week. It's almost ready for a pre-inspection, followed by an operational permit inspection, and then the doors will open.

#apekscustomerspotlight continues, along with #apeks600 on social media. We have some fabulous photos to choose from - our customers take some interesting shots! 

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