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We've got some temporary signs in place so people don't get lost when delivering to us or visiting! Permanent signs are coming soon (as is a bit of grass - seeds have been planted, but there's no rain in sight as evidenced by the clear blue sky!). Also coming soon is new technology (to be released in December at MJBiz Con in Las Vegas) and a new website (expected at the end of this month).

Next week Andy will be talking on a panel at The Infused Products Conference in Los Angeles, CA. Andy will be talking about The Science of Extraction. If you're in the area, stop by to hear him speak and visit the conference!

Hot on the heels of Andy's presentation, comes an international show, Mexico's International Business Conference, and Dave LaRussa will be giving a virtual presentation and answering questions afterwards. You can watch from your armchair!

And then right after that, comes lovely Cape Town and CannaTech! Dave LaRussa will give a presentation and be manning the booth at the show.

Of course, the big one is in December where we'll reveal our newest technology! What will it be? You'll have to attend to find out! Find us at booth 6308 at MJBiz Con.

Our engineering department has expanded over the last few months! In addition to Andy, Kristen, Jeremy, and Sam, we added Tom, Tyler, and Ryan. The whole engineering team is working at improving processes and perfecting the new technology we're introducing at MJBizCon in December! #nelaandgerotheofficedogs do their part as well.

Despite the drastic staff expansion, we're still hiring! We currently have five open positions:

  1. Sales Coordinator
  2. Inventory/Receiving Control Coordinator
  3. Service Technician
  4. Mechanical Engineer
  5. Welder

If you'd like to join the growing #apeksfamily, please check out open positions on our website - click here.

We've got big news to be revealed at MJBizCon in Vegas and it all points to more efficiencies, working smarter not harder, and keeping our systems the best in the business!

Did you know that almost all system problems can be sorted out via the internet? Our service team can review the entire history of the run to identify when a problem started. They will offer recommendations to get the systems up and running as quickly as possible.

Lane Mosher

Service Manager

Alivia Didion

Service Engineer

Ben Westbrook

Service Engineer

Need to get hold of someone in service? Contact us!

In August, Andy and Nick discussed technical aspects of extraction, comparing and contrasting gas vs liquid pumping and subcritical vs supercritical. We host webinars every month so if you have a topic you'd like to learn more about, let us know and we'll see if we can accommodate!

Sign up for our channel and you'll be notified about upcoming webinars - they should all be broadcast around the end of each month.

Have you seen our #apekscustomerspotlight posts? Below is a newer customer who is making good use of a gigantic rotary evaporator!

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For more information about Apeks Supercritical products, training or events, contact the Sales Department at:


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