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In honor of Valentine's Day today, may we present... #nelaandgerotheofficedogs (everyone else refused to pose for a photo, and even these two had to be bribed to get cuddly). We tried for the image on the left and got the image on the right instead. Life with office dogs.

Who ate it best - the Lady and the Tramp or Gero and Nela? We say Gero and Nela.

Co-Solvent Webinar

Sam in engineering and Jake in sales hosted a webinar about the Co-Solvent injection module coming out soon. They answered a barrage of questions so if you have questions, they've probably been answered! Click here to check it out and see what other webinars we've got for you.

You can pre-order now! We'll be taking sales in March with delivery in April this year. Contact us to pre-order.

A reminder of the advantages:

  • Ability to Inject 0-5% ethanol into the CO2 stream during a run
  • Up to a 50% shorter extraction time depending on parameter
  • Selectable Injection time, start it after the terp run or even after initial crude run to squeeze out more
  • Will include CO2 Flow Meter
  • 100% controls integration
  • Easier Separator Cleanout

Read more about this here!

Our director of Engineering, Jeremy Sexton, is on the UL/ULC 1389 committee which is developing standards for entire extraction systems (vs. a portion of it, like the control panel). Click here for an article about the committee and the new standards, which will be vital in this industry!

An excerpt: 

"Before UL/ULC 1389, cannabis legalization was expanding with varying approaches to equipment safety across North America, making it difficult to standardize the design, production, installation and use of plant oil extraction equipment. Without such standardization, inspection and regulatory authorities faced significant challenges in approving application sites."

Jeremy Sexton, Apeks Supercritical's Director of Engineering, was on the committee that developed these standards. 

Just another Apeks Advantage!

One of the many benefits of being part of a larger corporation is that we can go to their trade shows and they can come to ours. We'll be sharing a booth with Nexus/RBI, so look for them and you'll find us! This week, Jake Didion attended the Cannabis Industrial Marketplace in Arizona, next week Andy Joseph and Nick Prystash will be at NCIA Business Conference in Boston (they'll also speaking on a panel about Artificial Intelligence), and at the end of February Dave LaRussa will be going to the Central US Hemp Conference in MInnesota!

There are many more shows during the course of the year and we'll be in Colorado, Israel, Germany, Michigan, Illinois, Nevada, Utah, Canada, Oklahoma, Louisiana, Oregon, California, Tennessee, and New Jersey! 

If you want to meet at any of the shows, please let us know

Our classes are expanding! After January's class, we heard that people wanted to learn even more so we've expanded our one-day class to two days. Students will learn from a hands-on demonstration of distillation equipment. Our February class is already fully booked but we will be hosting these classes monthly, so get on the waiting list now!

The class is free for current customers and $1,000 for non-customers, fully refundable if you purchase a system from us within six months! 

To put your name on the waiting list for the next class, click here. 

For the full prospectus, click here or on the image below. 

Our testing team have two full-time members with help from others during the busy times. We've currently got seven testing bays, and compared to our old place when we had about 3 square feet of space, it's palatial! On the left below is the space for just three of the seven bays. On the right are Ben Radar and Fred Cullop who work on making sure all systems run properly for 48 hours before they head over to shipping and go out the door. 

On the left: look at all that space!

On the right: Fred started at Apeks in 2019. After hours he enjoys riding his Harley Davidson and '68 Mustang Coupe. He has four grandkids and he spends as much time outside of work as he can with them.

Ben lives locally and he and his wife have their hands full with three young children, all of whom are involved in sports and other after school events. Ben and Kate are also coaches and teach soccer, wrestling and football.

Our online store is catching up to our website! Soon it will get a whole new look and feel and searching for items will be much easier. 

Your service team: Alivia, Jake, Lane, and Ben

Need to get hold of someone in service? Contact us!

Sign up for our channel and you'll be notified about upcoming webinars - they should all be broadcast around the end of each month.

We're not just on Instagram! We have regular updates on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter. Follow us on all social media to stay informed.

Earlier this month, NCIA shared our upcoming panel at the Boston conference on Facebook. 

  • Monthly webinars - sign up for our channel to be alerted of upcoming webinars!
  • February 26, 2020 - In-house pre- and post-processing class. Free for customers, $500 for non-customers, fully refundable if you purchase within six months! This class is full, but click here to get on the waiting list for the next one.
  • February 19-20, 2020 - NCIA Northeast Cannabis Business Conference, Boston, MA. Andy and Nick will be speaking on a panel!
  • March 29-30, 2020 - CannaTech, Tel Aviv, Israel. 
  • April 21-23, 2020 - Cannabis Business Conference, Las Vegas, NV. We'll be at booth 204!

For more information about Apeks Supercritical products, training or events, contact the Sales Department at:


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