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Welcome to our first combined Apeks Supercritical and Delta Separations newsletter! Each month, you'll receive updates about our latest innovations and news about both companies - brought to you in one newsletter. Keep an eye out for our upcoming Did You Know? series of industry pro tips and also learn about the benefits of having both companies under one roof. We think you'll like it!

In recent months, we've turned our attention to the national crisis and have teams working on making hand sanitizers. At Apeks, we donated the first batch to our local village offices, for distribution to first responders. Delta sent theirs to local medical centers and to the Gibraltar family.

We started getting requests from all over - from construction teams, to nursing homes, to farmer's markets, so we made more and are selling it at cost. Orders yours today: click here.

We want to help you get back to business! Our service department has developed several training and maintenance packages to suit all your needs, whether you have new employees starting, or you just need a refresher course to get business rolling again. Click here to review them all!

Contact us today to decide what's right for you!

Delta has developed some new technology and are manufacturing the first models! The solventless Vortex Trichome Separator (VTS) gently removes hardened trichome heads yielding a much cleaner and more pure hash product with almost non-existent plant-particulate contamination. The VTS-50 system utilizes cold water in a double-vortex flow.   

Click here to learn more about the Vortex Trichome Separator (VTS). 

Contact Sales to order yours!

Over at Apeks, the co-solvent injection module is in production and we are taking orders! The first ones off the assembly line will ship at the beginning of June and all have been sold. Contact us to order yours! 

A reminder of the advantages:

  • Ability to inject 0-5% ethanol into the CO2 stream during a run
  • Up to a 66% shorter extraction time (300% faster!) depending on parameter
  • Selectable Injection time, start it after the terp run or even after initial crude run to squeeze out more
  • Will include CO2 Flow Meter
  • 100% controls integration
  • Easier Separator Cleanout

Read more about this here!

You might be wondering what the advantages are of combining Apeks Supercritical and Delta Separations. Here are just a few!

  • Resources: we have access to 14 service tech people and 9 engineers, from coast-to-coast
  • Device agnostic: we can offer you the right system for your needs, instead of focusing on CO2 or ethanol extraction
  • Scaling: be more flexible when considering both Apeks and Delta equipment! A customer who is looking to produce a shelf ready product for a dispensary can choose to start with CO2 – giving them capability to do both terpene and cannabinoid extraction for product development, then when demand warrants, expand their production platform to ethanol. Alternatively, a customer who is looking to be more in the wholesale business can start with ethanol to make bulk cannabinoids, then supplement their wholesale offerings with CO2 terpenes. 
We really are a Processing Solution company! Contact us today to start working on your processing solution.

We are developing training classes in easily digestible modules. We'll use in-house talent from Delta Separations to record our Pre- and Post-Processing class. The class will be free for customers and $1,000 for not-yet customers, but fully refundable if you take the leap and purchase from us within six months! Stay tuned for more details.

With Apeks and Delta combined, you now have ten sales people at your service! They are all fully cross trained, so any of them can help discuss your processing solution, whether it's CO2 or ethanol, or a combination of both! 

Dave LaRussa leads the sales team. Contact Dave with questions about Apeks Supercritical or Delta Separations equipment!

Nick Prystash handles the eastern half of the US and Canada. He's been with Apeks for two years. Contact him with questions!

Nathan Haughton handles the central part of the US and Canada. Nathan started as a sales coordinator in January. Contact him with questions!

Left: Jeremiah Seims has 25 years of mechanical engineering experience and is now the sales manager of the west coast office. Contact him here

Right: Jason Almirol is the Business Development Manager and he's been with the company since 2019.  Contact him here. 

Sabin MacPhee is the National Account Representative. Contact Sabin here.

Nick Barrett is an expert in seed-to-oil cannabis and hemp processing. He handles sales in the south-west. Contact Nick here.

 Adam Chambers is an analytical chemist, and handles sales in the north-west. Contact Adam here.

Left: Zachary Phelps is a sales and product specialist - he handles sales in the west. Click here to get hold of Zach.

Right: Cherise Burgess is the sales and operations coordinator. Cherise coordinates with Logistics, Customer Service and Accounting teams to guarantee a successful customer journey. Contact Cherise here.

Wherever you are, we can get you parts, usually overnight, to keep your system up and running!

At Apeks, we have four full-time service techs, available to help resolve any issues you may have, fill orders, and keep your system running at optimal capacity! We have also recently introduced a Back to Business program that will help customers restart if they were closed during the pandemic. Contact us to learn more!

At Delta, we have ten full-time service techs, standing by to help ethanol customers. Contact Delta by email or by phone.

Did you know that Delta Separations has a fabulous blog page on their website with a ton of informative material! For example, Product Specialist Adam Chambers compares Modularity and Singularity for extraction facilities operations and technology throughputs. Is bigger always better? Find out here!

The crew at Delta get to work on hand sanitizer production! Follow Delta on Instagram to get regular updates.

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