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We hope everyone had a happy Independence Day and 710 this year. It's been a rocky year, to put it mildly so let's hope things have turned a corner and there are better times ahead!

With the focus on Covid-19, the shutdown, and the resulting economic crisis, we developed some programs to help businesses get back to business. Read more below!

Have you heard about the VTS-50 by Delta Separations? VTS stands for Vortex Trichome Separator and it's not called the Connoisseur Trichome Separator for nothing! 

The powerful forces created by its cross-flow turbulence come from the bottom-driven paddle in combination with a uniquely shaped washbasin. The result is a maximum separation of resin heads from the plant surface with negligent to non-existent plant-particulate contamination.​

Click here to learn more about the Vortex Trichome Separator (VTS). 

Contact Sales to order yours!

Cannabis ethanol extraction and purification has several critical steps and none more so than the process of evaporation. In fact, finding the ‘sweet spot’ balance of solvent remaining in your crude is the key to a high-quality end product. Click here to read more!

Our service department wants to help get businesses rolling again. They developed a large stack of programs for both Apeks and Delta, to help businesses get up and running after the shutdown! Click here to review them all!

Contact us today to decide what's right for you!

Apeks Supercritical's Co-Solvent Injection Module is getting a lot of attention! We'd love to speed your extraction system up, so contact us to order yours.

A reminder of the advantages:

  • Ability to inject 0-5% ethanol into the CO2 stream during a run
  • Up to a 66% shorter extraction time (300% faster!) depending on parameter
  • Selectable Injection time, start it after the terp run or even after initial crude run to squeeze out more
  • Will include CO2 Flow Meter
  • 100% controls integration
  • Easier Separator Cleanout

Read more about this here!

The advantages of combining companies continue!

  • Terps + distillates = great products!: Terpenes are fragile and need to be handled gently. CO2 is a master at terpene extraction and will extract them in a matter of minutes. Combine them with the ethanol extraction for a full-spectrum, highly valuable extract!
  • Certificates: We have the certifications to back up our claims - ask your manufacturer to prove their claims!
  • Training: We offer preventative maintenance service plans and have a full complement of staff available to support all customers.
Apeks and Delta together provide your complete Processing Solution! Contact us to find out how we can help your business grow. 

The Apeks service department is growing! And it's still a struggle to get them all to smile on command. From left to right: Lane Bell, Ben Westbrook, Jake Kramer, Kristen Joseph, and Lane Mosher. 

Delta and Apeks's service teams have been traveling (carefully) during the pandemic and they've visited labs in Louisiana, Arizona, Oklahoma, and Oregon. They've also had remote commissioning for labs in Canada, New Jersey, Florida, Washington, and California!

Even if they can't travel, the service crews can help customers remotely by logging in online and watching systems in action, in real-time! That's today's technology for you. 

Click here to contact the service team!

The Processing Solutions sales team had a spirited discussion about purchasing used equipment on our webinar channel. Click here to listen!

Delta's most recent blog article discusses the next big thing in the extraction market. CBG oil is a challenging cannabinoid to capture, but done correctly, could be very profitable!

Our customers continue to produce amazing extracts and we're re-posting their Instagram posts to share the quality. Below, @cannxtracts.colorado shows off some excellent extracts!

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