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We've expanded our educational resources and are adding more every week! We've got some new blog articles (with more written and almost ready to publish), new Did You Know? snippets and we're working on new products with supporting educational resources.

We also shipped out the world's first UL1389 extraction system and if you don't know what that is, watch Jeremy and Jim in engineering talk about it on this webinar!

Have you heard about the new VTS-50 just released by Delta Separations? The  (VTS-50) is our latest innovation in solventless extraction equipment. The VTS utilizes mechanical separation techniques to separate cannabinoid and terpene-rich trichomes from biomass. The VTS utilizes cold water in a double-vortex flow pattern to gently remove hardened trichome heads from their stalks, yielding a much cleaner, solventless hash product. 

But don't just take our word for it though - watch a video from one of the first customers to try it out.

The powerful forces created by its crossflow turbulencecomes from the bottom-driven paddle in combination with a uniquely shapedwashbasin. The result is a maximum separation of resin heads from the plantsurface with negligent to non-existent plant-particulate contamination. ​ 

Contact Sales to order yours!

We have new Did You Know? snippets available. Read about filtering tinctures and the super-fast capacity of Delta's CUP Series! Click here to read more.

Our service department wants to help get businesses rolling again. They developed a large stack of programs for both Apeks and Delta, to help businesses get up and running after the shutdown! Click here to review them all!

Contact us today to decide what's right for you!

Apeks Supercritical's Co-Solvent Injection Module is through testing and in the field! Are you ready to turbo-charge your extraction? Contact us to order yours.

  • Ability to inject 0-5% ethanol into the CO2 stream during a run
  • Up to a 66% shorter extraction time (300% faster!) depending on parameter
  • Selectable Injection time, start it after the terp run or even after initial crude run to squeeze out more

  • Will include CO2 Flow Meter
  • 100% controls integration
  • Easier Separator Cleanout

We are ready to help you set up your processing business. With offices in California and Ohio, with sales and service people cross-trained in CO2 and ethanol systems, we can offer a full service experience!

  • Service across all U.S. time zones!: It doesn't matter if you're on the east coast, west coast, or somewhere in between - with offices in California and Ohio, we have service techs available to help!
  • Certificates: We have the WORLD'S FIRST UL1389 certified extraction system! We're leading the way in safety and standards. 
Apeks and Delta together provide your complete Processing Solution! Contact us to find out how we can help your business grow.

The Apeks welding crew have been working in staggered shifts for safety reasons, and have been extra busy as production kicks into high gear!

Clockwise from top left: Eric Nethers (enjoys hunting and fishing), Melvin Rock (spends his free time with kids and grandkids), Jeff Walters (zooms around on an ATV after work), Wyatt Hatfield, production supervisor; Nick Piper (likes hunting and fishing), and Austin Poelevoorde (has a one year old at home) - the Apeks Supercritical welding dream team!

Below, Delta Separations welders: 

Jose Andrade: 2 Years at Delta, 12 Years as a welder, Expertise in Aluminum welding and stainless steel 

Jose Hernandez: 2 Years at Delta, 15 Years as a welder, Expertise in purge welding and winery equipment  

Antonio Collodi: 4 Years at Delta, 8 years as a welder, Expertise in welding, manual machinery, metal fabrication, knife making 

Shadd Henderson: 2 Years at Delta, 29 Years as a Welder, Expertise in boilermaker,chemical & pharmaceutical piping, CNC machinist

This month, young Jake Kramer from Apeks traveled through a hurricane to get to Maryland for a diaphragm change/service plan visit! The car rental place wouldn't give him a large car (too young) so he had to do it in a Chevy Aveo. Well done Jake for making it there in one piece and thanks for your dedication to excellent service!

Click here to contact the service team!

As previously mentioned, we shipped out the first UL1389 certified extraction system in the world! It's kind of a big deal and you can find out why by watching the two J's (Jeremy and Jim) as they discuss more about this important certification. 

We're adding new blog posts every week! Coming soon - Large Scale Ethanol Extraction, and Hemp Extraction. Stay tuned!

Delta's VTS is making waves - literally - as it gently agitates the biomass. The VTS system utilizes cold water in a double-vortex flow pattern to gently remove hardened trichome heads from their stalks, yielding a much cleaner solventless hash product.

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