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NOVEMBER 16, 2020

Several states voted on legalization earlier this month. The results now mean that 38 states have legalized medical cannabis and 15 have legalized recreational use. MJBizDaily are cautiously optimistic in their outlook but there is a long way to go. If you're new to the industry and want to get in with a CO2 or Ethanol extraction system, contact us! There's no wait time on many of our systems.

The VTS (Vortex Trichome Separator) is making a big splash (literally) in the market. Have you heard about it? If not, read on! If yes, contact us to order yours. You can also watch a three part webinar series about making hash with the VTS-50 with Frency Cannoli, cultimating in a demo of the system.

  • Efficient: A two-person crew can output an average of 12-15 kilos of dry hash per day
  • Easy to clean: Basin is made of sanitary food-grade stainless steel with 2" port for easy drainage
  • Easy to operate: Runs easily either manually, or with the capability to set repeat recipes for auto operations

The powerful forces created by its cross flow turbulence comes from the bottom-driven paddle in combination with a uniquely shaped wash basin. The result is a maximum separation of resin heads from the plant surface with negligent to non-existent plant-particulate contamination. ​ 

Contact Sales to order yours!

SPE and Distillation are both methods of separation but result in different levels of concentrate purity. 

SPE or Solid Phase Extraction and Distillation are two different methods that allow extraction labs to separate molecules and refine the purity of their end-products. 

Simply put, SPE uses a liquid solvent to extract or dissolve the solid components we are interested in extracting from the ‘raw’ plant material. This is often the first stage of cannabis or hemp processing.

They are selling fast, but we still have some systems in stock! If you're in a tight spot with your harvest or if you're in one of the recently legalized states and want to get a head start on your competition, contact us today!

The Ultimate Guide to Cannabis Oil Extraction has new chapters! Learn more about types of cannabinoids, viable business models, and check out our comprehensive glossary. More chapters will be added every two weeks so be sure to bookmark the page!

Apeks and Delta together provide your complete Processing Solution! Contact us to find out how we can help your business grow. 

Did you know that Delta now offers service plans? Keep your Ethanol system running at optimal efficiency with one of our plans. Be proactive with your maintenance plan!

Click here to contact the service team! Pictured below is Zach Terflinger, Delta Field Service Engineer.

How to Make Hash with the VTS-50

The final (of 3) webinar broadcast earlier this month. If you missed it, don't worry, you can still watch at your convenience! Click here to visit our webinar page.

Frenchy’s lively personality and unique expertise make him a sought-after international speaker, on topics such as the history and evolution of hashish, cannabis terroir, the promise of organic and regenerative cultivation approaches, and the importance of independent “craft” production.  

Part 1: The History of Hashish

Part 2: Hash Making Science & Misconceptions

Part 3: Live Demo: How to Make Hash with the VTS-50

CBN, also known as cannabinol, is one of the many cannabinoid derivatives produced by the wonderfully complex cannabis and hemp plant. CBN oil, along with the more well-known CBD oil (cannabidiol) and lesser known CBG oil (cannabigerol), is gaining consumer attention because of its potential benefits without the typical “high” associated with THC (although it does appear to have very mild psychoactive effects known for promoting restful sleep). 

Read more here!

We did Halloween in style this year! Up for grabs was an Amazon gift card and the Apeks team did not disappoint. We had the ubiquitous creepy clown (wearing safety glasses), the Buddha, Darth Vader (and Yoda), Baby Joker, Macho Man,  seven Wyatt Hatfields (production manager) and Wyatt himself outshone us all with his Forrest Gump. 

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