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We hope you all had a safe and happy holiday season. It's 2021 and we have lots of exciting plans - stay tuned throughout the year to learn more! To begin with, we listened to feedback and will be sending out just one email newsletter per month to declutter your inboxes.

Also, introducing Growing & Processing by Gibraltar, the only provider of combined cannabis cultivation and extraction solutions in the country. As a group, we provide turnkey greenhouse and indoor cultivation solutions, including design, build, integration, and general contracting products and services, as well as solvent agnostic cannabinoid extraction and refinement technologies.

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Collectively, we bring…

  • Deep practical / hands on cultivation and extraction expertise   
  • The most comprehensive product and service offerings in the cannabis industry 
  • A sustained long-term partnership that maximizes your chance of success
What this means to our customers… 

  • On-time execution and speed-to-market 
  • Seamless integration for trouble free startup 
  • A reliable and trusted partner / advisor for long-term growth and ROI 
  • Unrivaled operations and maintenance services and support experience 

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Ethanol Extraction Filtration Skid

for Particulate Filtration and Color Remediation

Optimize your ethanol post-extraction or cannabinoid refinement process using our four-stage filter skid train to achieve your ideal clarity and color. The filtration skid includes pre-filtration, particulate and haze removal, wax removal, decolorization, and final-stage fine particulate removal. Click here to learn more!

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How does the filtration skid work?

The four-stage filtration skid is used in the post-processing stage after the ethanol extraction process to clean up any unwanted plant particles, pigments (carotenoids, chlorophyll, etc.), and lipids from your tincture. Within the impregnated lenticular filters, you can use any filtration media you need, such as activated carbon, magnesium silicate, diatomaceous earth, or zeolite for color remediation.


  • Efficient processing with all-in-one assembly
  • Easy to operate and maintain with all filters plumbed together neatly
  • Improved operational safety - no hoses to trip over
  • Easy to clean leads to lower operating costs
  • Integrated solution with one-stop shopping, service, and support

Color Remediation

Onboard Pump for Tincture Transfer  

Particulate Filtration

There is NO price increase on our service plans for 2021! 

Keep your Ethanol and CO2 systems running at optimal efficiency with one of our plans. Be proactive with your maintenance plan!

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