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We Have Industry Leading Expertise In Greenhouse Cultivation And Cannabis Processing Technology Solutions

In January, we introduced Growing & Processing by Gibraltar, the only provider of combined cannabis cultivation and extraction solutions in the industry. As a group, we provide advanced, productive, efficient, and reliable cultivation and extraction technologies.  

Collectively, we have completed 500+ cannabis engineering design projects and built more than 200+ cultivation sites. For extraction, we have sold 1,400+ pieces of equipment and commissioned 700+ for our customers through remote or onsite methods.    

Contact us to learn what real turnkey cultivation projects means to our customers, as well as what extraction equipment best suits your business aspirations and needs. Allow us to be your business partner for fast upstart, operation expansion and long-term success.

Common Pitfalls/Hidden Costs of Non-Real Turnkey Projects...

  • Product launch delays
  • Scope gap and poor coordination between contractors
  • Inefficiency, lack of knowledge and implementation of best practices. This includes design, material handling, site security, equipment installation and operation.
What this means… 

  • Loss of revenue
  • Low yield at high cost
  • Unexpected costs, delays and higher project risks
  • Sub-optimal system quality and integration

Biomass: Starting with the Right Stuff!

It's the heart of extraction - and something that's misunderstood at best and with no regulation in the industry, misrepresented at worst. If you've ever considered the fundamental aspects of your extraction laboratory (and who hasn't?), and the questions below resonate, then read our chapter on Biomass: Starting with the Right Stuff.

  • What does Biomass mean? 
  • How can you Identify Good Biomass?
  • What is Hemp or Cannabis Biomass Used for?
  • The Economics of Choosing the Right Biomass?

Keep your Ethanol and CO2 systems running at optimal efficiency by staying on top of your service! Note hours and perform required maintenance or call us to do it.

Click here to contact the service team! 

CO2 Bottle Basics

Lane Mosher, Apeks service manager has written a comprehensive guide to help understand "bottle basics" and answer any questions you might have! 

If you have questions about your CO2 supply, contact us!

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