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MARCH 31, 2021



What should you be making in 2021? 

Today’s cannabis consumer has a multitude of administration methods that are focused on health benefits. As consumers become more educated about the medicinal and wellness-focused benefits of CBD, and the recreational benefits THC, they’re demanding a wider scope of administration methods beyond simply smoking and vaping.

‘Raw’ Cannabis and Hemp Products

For decades the legal (and illegal) markets have favored cannabis in its most ‘raw’ or natural form. And still today, these products are the most popular on the market even though consumers are evolving and seeking out newer forms of consumption, such as vaping, sublingual drops, edibles and more.

As consumers become more sophisticated so do their ways of consuming cannabinoids. Only a short decade ago, flower ruled the market and smoking or “combusting” cannabis was the only way to imbibe for either recreational or medical purposes. However, in today’s cannabis and hemp market, there is a growing demand for more sophisticated administration methods as people are more focused on their health and wellbeing. This demand is fuelled by increased access to education, information from trusted sources, and peer-reviewed medical studies on the benefits of CBD, THC and other cannabinoids such as CBN and CBG.

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There is such a thing as too much oil! In your compressor that is. Your sight glass should show oil between ½  and ¾ full when the compressor is running and the oil is warm. The oil should not be completely covering the sight glass. Below left, what you should not see. On the right is the correct level of oil for your compressor. Too much oil results in foamy or frothy oil causing cavitations that can damage your compressor.

Incorrect oil level

Correct oil level



On March 16th, we hosted our monthly webinar and discussed how to succeed in today's volatile and ever-evolving cannabis industry. We spoke to David Qu, our VP of Strategy, Marketing and Product Management. He discussed strategies for new states coming onboard, industry recovery and expansion, and as usual there was a robust question and answer period! If you missed it you can watch on demand anytime. 




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