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News from Apeks Supercritical
and Ohio Grown Therapies

We're almost ready to close the door at Commerce Blvd. for the last time! Below are before/after photos of the welding area. That gigantic yellow crane was there one day and gone the next. I expected more fanfare, to be honest.



If you recall, we had The Curious Incident of the Sprinting Kitten at the new facility last month. That kitten is now double his original size and is called Sushi. He hasn't stopped purring since he made his home with sales engineer Nick and his wife Michelle.

The 600th system shipped this month! The installation of this system marks a milestone for Apeks - we developed and delivered our first extraction system all the way back in 2001. Today, we have more production systems in operation than any other manufacturer with the global capacity of producing more than 3,000 tons of oil annually! Want to get yours? Contact us today!

600 systems in the cannabis industry! That equates to 3,000 tons of oil per year - which is a whole lot of oil.

Left - system #600 in the testing area. Its new home will be in North Carolina, where it will process hemp!

We have some new team members and more starting in the next few weeks! It's very exciting and Nela and Gero hardly know who to bark at first. 

In Quality Control, Jared Baker joins us from TS Tech Americas, Inc. where he conducted auditing, testing and benchmarking for new product launches for vehicles. He tested components, trained other people, developed systems, and improved existing systems for more than 10 years. He'll be making sure each Apeks Supercritical system conforms to safety and quality standards before it goes out the door to a customer!

Fred Cullop joins Eric and John in the Assembly department. Fred was with Siemens Energy, Inc. for nearly 20 years where he was the group leader and a certified inspector, traveling to Romania and Brazil to inspect operations!

Lane Bell (not to be confused with Lane Mosher in service) was with Quanex Building Products before joining Apeks as an Electrical Controls Technician. He assembled over 100 tools, calibrated and repaired argon testing equipment and redesigned tools to reduce manufacturing costs!

Welcome to the #apeksfamily - we're very happy you're here! If you'd like to join the growing family, please check out open positions on our website - click here.

Lane and Ben have been busy this month training customers all across the country! Between them, they've visited over half a dozen states and clocked up thousands of miles - they've gone to customers in Arizona, Colorado, Illinois, Massachusetts, Minnesota, Ohio, and Wisconsin - all in the last month!

Lane Mosher

Ben Westbrook

Need to get hold of someone in service? Contact us!

In June our webinar channel had a technical issue so we couldn't broadcast our planned event, but we regrouped and presented it in July instead! 

Sign up for our channel and you'll be notified about upcoming webinars - they should all be broadcast around the end of each month.


She's all grown up ... look how pretty she is! As soon as the inspections are complete, the shelves will be stocked and the doors will be open to the public. Keep an eye on our website for updates!

Our customers are producing some incredible high quality products! They tweak parameters until they've perfected their own recipes, then save those parameters for future use. The systems are fully automated which means consistent results time and time again!

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